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Cue the angry comments from toxic men.

Why are they…

And some of them sound surprisingly refreshing!

Illustrations by Georgia Smith LaBorde


Please follow these directions to ensure maximum security for your account.

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Your new password must:

  • be 12–16 characters long
  • include a mix of UPPER and lower case letters
  • include at least one number (but no prime numbers or fractions, please)
  • avoid the use of any repeating characters and/or sequential numbers or letters
  • include one of these special characters ~`!@#$^&*()-_+={}[]|\;:”<>,./?
  • not include this not-so-special character Φ
  • make use of your keyboard’s spacebar, but without using any blank spaces
  • not be identical to any passwords you’ve previously used anywhere else in life
  • never be something you’d be able to specifically remember when you’re in a hurry
  • follow a typical 3-act movie structure
  • not include the names of…

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One peek at your bed and everyone can tell who you are…

A few months ago, out of the blue, my dad started having trouble swallowing.

And to me, that’s all writing is — hunting…

You should immediately memorize every one of these

Brock LaBorde

Writer/Producer in LA. / / / Internet words: @WeeklyHumorist @ThisIsRobotButt @SlackjawHumor

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